[WTB] 5m SP characters | Cybernetics V

(Jorunn Jaeger) #1

Hi, I’m looking to buy a couple of characters that have about 5m SP that preferably have cybernetics V.
Please post your offers here and I promise I’ll look into them.


(Jorunn Jaeger) #2


(Jorunn Jaeger) #3

Abracadabra go up!

(Brock Khans) #4

This isn’t my character, but saw it this morning. WTS Skillfarm with Bio, Cyber, Brokers, Accounting V & +5 implants

Also another (also not mine) WTS Skillfarm with Bio, Cyber V and +5 implants

(Ameesha Sharma) #5

I could extract this one in Case you are interested WTS 11.6m Skillpoints (Caldari & Core)

(Bud Barrow) #6


Mail me in-game an offer. Willing to extract some skill points to get it closer to 5mil if you want

(system) #7

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