WTS Skillfarm with Bio, Cyber, Brokers, Accounting V & +5 implants

(Kyuubei Yagyuu) #1


Character is parket at Jita 4-4

[WTB] 5m SP characters | Cybernetics V
(Kyuubei Yagyuu) #2

still for sale

(Muraba) #3


(Amon Calis) #4

If your have great standings ill buy.

(Kyuubei Yagyuu) #5

no standings

social is at v

soe arc has not been touched

(Kyuubei Yagyuu) #6

still for sale

(Skir Melkan) #8

5.2B offer

(Kyuubei Yagyuu) #10

sorry, I was travelling.

character is still for sale

if interested please send eve mail with destination account and isk to kyuubei yagyuu

positive wallet, sp are 5m+

(Skir Melkan) #11

sending isk and info now

(Kyuubei Yagyuu) #12

isk and info received

transfer details sent via eve mail

(system) #13

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