WTB 5m+ SP Cybernetics 5 Characters, offering 3.5+ bil depending on SP

What to buy around 6-8 char with Cybernetics 5, over 5m SP, offering 3.5 bil on each could go to 4 bil if the SP is higher.

Please leave character eveskill link and confirmation they are for sale.



confirming i’m for sale

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mehilae – Confirmed i am for sell.

Confirming i am for sell:


Sending email with details and ISK to all of you guys right now, please start the transfer procedures as soon as possible, thank you.

Still waiting for other char to buy.

Support ticket is created for transfer.

Char will be moved once ticket is taken care off by CCP.

Daily bump :slight_smile:

Please close topic. I have bought the rest from someone else,
Kind regards,

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