WTB 5m sp chars


(Sophie Mcgalien Hoeeg) #1

2 Requirements
Cybernetics V
1 Remap avaible.

(Gary Bell) #2

Nearly Maxed Alpha I have alot of these i was going to sell to someone else fo4 3.25 each if you are interested?

(Sophie Mcgalien Hoeeg) #3

Wait do they have cybernetics 5?

(Gary Bell) #4

If you want to post in the thread I will get the transfers going

If you can login it will be easier to go thru the transfers etc

(Sophie Mcgalien Hoeeg) #5

Do they have cybernetics 5. If not I can not use them.

(Gary Bell) #6

Not most have cyber 4 which is why i have them for 3.25. I have some that are coming up in like 7 days with cyber five but im waiting on the subs to run out

(Sophie Mcgalien Hoeeg) #7

When you have some with cybernetics 5 then I will buy.

(system) #8

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