WTS - 5 x SP Farm Alts all above 5m sp

All characters below are all for sale.

  • located in either Perimeter or Jita
  • Not all have positive sec but nothing that prohibits entry into 1.0 - lowest is -1.60 (PapaGator)
  • Most have cybernetics V the rest are training it.

All CCP Rules apply.
I will pay the transfer fee

5.5B per character is fair buyout - I will do 5.4 if someone buys all 5 and makes this painless.

Anoobis Sphinx – 5.2m sp - 2 days 16hrs till Cybernetics V SOLD

Acegirl88 – 5.4m sp - Cybernetics V

WhelpBoy - 5.1m sp – Cybernetics V SOLD

REEEEEEEses Pieces – 5.1m sp - 6 days 11 hours till Cybernetics V

Papagator – 5.1m sp Cybernetics V

confirming i am for sale.

confirming i am for sale.

confirming i am for sale.

confirming i am for sale.

confirming i am for sale.

ill do anoobis and Whelpboy for 10.8 bill today.

sounds good -

send isk to each and account info and I will start the transfer.

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isk received

transfer started on each individual account.


Three characters left up to the top.

5.5b B/O for Acegirl88. I can do the transfer in the next hour if I receive confirmation. Otherwise it will have to be when I return from work.

REEEEEEEses Pieces 6B B/O.If you can, please wait for me 1-2 days. I need to borrow money from my friends and prepare for ISK.

2.5 for Papagator if no one else bites

sorry… going out of town so I will need to ask a mod to close this (original poster was sold)

will put up the remaining in a week or so in separate threads.


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