WTS 2 5.1~mil SP chars

Considering to sell 2 toons from SP farm


  • SP at time of posting : 5.091.478
  • Cybernetics 5
  • Cyno 3
  • Can fly prospect, mining barges, and VNI with decent drone skills
  • +5 implants for Memory and Intel
  • Remap available, + 2 bonus


  • SP at time of posting : 5.125.716
  • Cybernetics 5
  • Cyno 1, training
  • Has covops skills but doesn’t have racial frig 5
  • Can fly mining barge
  • Decent drone skills, can be put into VNI painlessly
  • +5 implants for Memory and Intel
  • Remap available, +2 bonus

Both chars have positive wallet, positive sec, and are near Jita
No killrights on either

I am for sale

I am also for sale

Thanks for the reasonable offer. I will keep bidding open for 24 hours +/- how long it takes me to get home from work. I will accept the highest offer at that time.

9 bill for the 2?

9,1 bil for both

5b for amber

10.5b for the pair.

@Khali_Katelo I’ll accept this. I’ll be able to transfer in about an hour, maybe 1.5. Will you be around then?

Yes, I’m available the rest of the evening. Will send ISK and account info when you’re ready.
ISK and Account info sent 21:20 ET.

ISK and info recieved, petitioned to transfer the characters. :slight_smile:

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