WTS 5.7mil SP Cybernetics V Buy Now 4bil

(The Smiling Bandit) #1

Skill sheet

Current - +4 - Charisma
Parses + 3 - Charisma
Jita (Empty)
Thera MG Virtue + Omega + EM-703 + AR-806 + HC-905 + EY-1005

Cybernetics V

Character was Extracted ages ago but can still fly Cover ops.

No Kill Rights
No Standings
Pos Wallet
Neutral Sec status

Buy Now Price 4bil

(The Smiling Bandit) #2

Bump first person to offer 4bil gets it

(The Smiling Bandit) #3

Received ingame offer declined it please all offers on forum

(iman Utrigas) #4

I’ll offer 3.5 bil

(The Smiling Bandit) #5

Price is 4bil

(The Smiling Bandit) #6

up to top

(The Smiling Bandit) #7

Up Again

(system) #8

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