WTS 7.7M SP focused Amarr pvp Combat pilot starter assault frigs Accepting any Reasonable offer

Selling myself!
This is a PVP ALT i forgot about

7.0M Sp 690K Unallocated =7.7M
Specced into T2 frigates

Amarr Frigates V
Destroyer V
Cruiser V
Energy Turrets V
Gunnery V
Core Skills V

Positive wallet
No kill rights
In jita 4-4
Clean history
positive security status
Only been in one Player Corp
Check me out
Easy spread into other combat roles With Minimal training Fly lots of T2
No sp wasted on indy or science
I pay transfer fee cash

Make offer

Still for sale

Accepting any reasonable offer :blush:

Cant fond pilot on eveskillboard

Idk how i eddited the url with a k instead of a c lol fixed

Still here :no_mouth:

2 bil then


Offer accepted chrome vannadium email me in game

isk and account name send

Isk recieved transfer completed successfully,
Nice doing business with you,

fine, thank you

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