WTB Alpha Ship Focused Pilot

Looking for low SP, mega focused sub cap PVP pilots. If you had an alpha alt made for flying a specific PVP ship that you no longer use this thread is for that, tell me what PVP ship it is and how much you want :slight_smile:

Bumping, looking for some cool Low SP accs


Have a look, focused on Amarr frigates, most support skills maxed for alpha


Minmatar BS alpha pilot, asking 5b

how much are you looking for?

4.3b offer

4.5b and you got a deal

I can do 4.5, tell me where to send isk and tell me what you need from me, relatively new to the bazaar

Go here 4.5b sale agreed say you agree to the price. Send the money to this character with an eve mail containing the ACCOUNT name you want the character transferring to. Once thats done i can start the transfer and then i think youre looking at 10-12 hours

isk and details sent

Still looking for more cool accounts, keep em coming :slight_smile:

Transfer completed


ships triglavian
Cybernetics V

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