WTS PVP Pilot 45mil SP!

Good day pilots.

I sell myself: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Alex_skor
The character is good for both pvp and pve. Able to fly on T2 and T3 Caldar and Matar cruisers. Combat Recon. Covert Ops. Force Recon. Heavy Assault. Interceptor. Interdictor. Stealth Bomber. Supercarrier and Carrier. Fighters use only light but T2. A good character for topping up banks and joining any alliance.

All CCP rules applied.
All clones at High Secs.
Positive SS.
The total number of assets at one station 8b.
Positive isk Balance.

I see the starting price from 40b further in the course of the day. If I am satisfied with the proposal, I will contact you in the game.

Didn’t you just scam someone?


Closed as character’s SPs cannot be verified. Please correct this and you may recreate your thread.

Thank you.