I’ll pay 40. Will change my offer if i can learn what are the assets and what is their real value in that region.

The real cost of their fast sale in that region 4b. I accept your offer. Sent ISK and account info my alt: FlatBase . I ready for start transfer. Anyone wanting to buy my pilot anyway. So I expect activity from you.

Hey just FYI for you, you have Two forum posts open right now. Can/should only have one sale thread, other wise both are subject to be locked.

Also FYI you cannot include assets in a Sale price; Again could lead to the thread being locked.

Rules are linked here.

Sorry, I was not aware of this for the first time. The previous topic rewrote that it is closed and a new one is created. Fly Safe!

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isk sent , account details given.

appearently i got scammed. F

If you have yet to receive information on the character it’s possible he sent and paid in Plex. Paying in Plex you don’t receive any information from CCP the character just shows up in the account listed.

I would send a ticket to CCP and discuss with them further to find out.

he blocked me :smiley:

lots scammers on weekends since ccp only return monday and are swamped from all the tickets that were submitted during the weekends.
always a good time to be wary of too good to be true deals