Closed WTS 109 mil SP Pilot
Decent Killboard
Born October 2003
5.0 Sec Status
Located Jita 4-4
713K Balance
All Jump clones in HS… View them in eveskillboard
No Kill Rights

Starting bid 95 bil. Current bid 98 bil.

I will be paying the transfer fee with credit card.

Cash or plex sale?
If plex I’ll start you off with 98b

not quite sure what you are referring to new to this… sell the plex give me the isk
straight isk sale transferred to the character being sold

according to the rules of the bazaar that’s how the sales are conducted

Sorry I mean are you using plex to transfer or cash

ill pay transfer fee

Ok if you are paying the fee with cash my offer stands

I will close this tomorrow 19:00 eve time tomorrow. if your bid stands he’s all yours.

Character transfers are purchased with cash only anyways. You are not allow to use plex as an alternative.

Have a hunch you might be a troll… prove me wrong

Im not the other guy but here.

Takes a couple days usually thats why buyers usuallynprefer a cash transfer

Thank you… The info I was reading didn’t mention any of this. I appreciate it.

This will still be a non plex sale. And again thanks for the info.

And with all the scams the last few weeks most people are not buying if the transfer is with plex. Too much uncertainty

that’s why i asked.
I’m Aus Tz so if I get out bid at the end please give me time to reply

Well actually willi if you can do it now I will. Send me account info and payment ingame. I will start the process if you would like.

contacted in game. currently waiting for payment.

this fast sell looks suspicious… 90% this is a scam… i’ll monitor, we shall see

I get what you are saying. 100% legit. Just curious if it was a scam aren’t you protected by CCP? Your money just ends up being tied up in a support ticket and will be refunded? I’m just curious how they scam you with this.