Sale closed

selling this old alt I have that I don’t use anymore, hes pretty decent hes a got a full set of high grade slaves.

positive wallet

positive sec status

no killrights

other jump clone located in high sec Jita 4-4 NO IMPLANTS

Bonus blood raider uniform and 45k Unallocated SP

Bidding starts at 14b


Current wining bid, 14b

14.2b offered

Current wining bid 14.2


Current wining bid 14.5 ,buyout is 17. Ends tomorrow .

Bump closing this afternoon.

14.7b offered

14.7b current wining bid, buyout is 17b , ends this afternoon. Current Time is 10:17am EST

15b offer

15b current wining bid, buyout is 17b , ends this afternoon. Current Time is 10:20am EST

Bid accepted send isk and account name and I’ll start transfer.

isk & info sent.

10-4 I’m a truck driver so I’ll start the transfer when I park for the night. Working at the moment.

Having difficulty getting a solid internet connection, I’ll keep trying tonight but for some reason my phones not syncing my connection with my computer at the moment. Apologies for the wait.

Will have better internet tonight I’ll transfer then, sorry for wait. #truckerslife

guys i have a question we cant pay by plex transfer fee anymore ?

Ok im waiting for your transfert.

isk received starting transfer

Character Transfer Initiated

Dear xxxxxxxxx

You have chosen to transfer the character Spring Water SouthernHome to the account named xxxxxxxxxxx

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

sale complete