(Caillou 420) #1

Make me an offer.
T2 Ice Harvesters
Capable of flying Skiff and other barges.
password: 1234

(Holy Shizznit) #2

The owner of the character being sold is responsible for paying CCP the character transfer fee.

That being said, 3.5bil if seller agrees to follow the rules and pay for the transfer

(Caillou 420) #3

Would you be willing to go 4.75b because of the transfer fee. The price of plex is way over priced. 3b for transfer is crazy.

(rongturn69 Arran) #4


(Miguel Balderian) #5


(Miguel Balderian) #7

I will do 4.5 B if the transfer is done within the next few hours.

(TonyLeDam) #8

4.75 bil

(Miguel Balderian) #9

4.8 Bill

(TonyLeDam) #10


(Miguel Balderian) #11

5.0 Bill

(TonyLeDam) #12


(Caillou 420) #13

Do we have anyone that wants to go above 5.5b? If not, Tony I accept, make sure to mail the character your account name. I will be on in about 7 hours to transfer the character, as the rules state the character has a positive wallet, is in NPC station and NPC corp in highsec. Send 5.5b to the character and if i dont recieve the 5.5b in the next 24 hours then I will accept the next person to offer close to 5.5b.

(TonyLeDam) #14

Msg with account details and payment sent.

(Caillou 420) #15

Recieved, will transfer the character in 5-6 hours.

(Caillou 420) #16

Transfer made, do me a favor and convo Morglum in game ASAP.

(system) #17

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