(Masterpettitt) #1

Looking to buy 2 miners must have mining barge lvl 5 and able to use t1 strip miners and t2 mining upgrades

Willing to buy each char for 3b each

(Egdald Egdald) #2

Got a 10 m sp char mining barges ice and ore mining drones 5 all relevant mining skills 5 bud want 7 b comes with fully fitted hulk

(Masterpettitt) #3

link an eve bored plz

(miner1 Mikakka) #4 offering my self

(Masterpettitt) #5

how much are you looking ?

(miner1 Mikakka) #6

at least 4 bill

(Masterpettitt) #7

can you do 3.5 ?

(miner1 Mikakka) #8

it still cost 1000 plex for a character transfer right

(Masterpettitt) #9


(miner1 Mikakka) #10

cause 1000 plex cost 3.1 bill in jita and the char has a 1.3 bill implant and max mining skills

(Masterpettitt) #11

ok you make a fair point 4b it is :slight_smile:

(Masterpettitt) #12

Please PM me in game so i can send isk if you agree with the terms ?

(Masterpettitt) #13

i can give you 5bill right now for the account ?

(miner1 Mikakka) #14

done give me 18 hours to find out if i can use plex @CCP_Falcon

(miner1 Mikakka) #15

appears not transfer the 5 bill and i will do the transfer

(Masterpettitt) #16

plz contact me in game when you are online so you know the account it needs to be moved to and so i send the isk to the right char :slight_smile:

(Masterpettitt) #17

sorry i am going to have to pull out of this buy :frowning:

(system) #18

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