WTB 3 Mining characters around 7m SP each

Looking to buy 3 mining characters around 7mil SP per toon.

Let me know what you have.

I have a 7M Char that has Mining Barge 5 and Exhumer 4


Thank you

How about 6b?

I could do 7b thanks

Has 2 remaps available as well

Deal i can do 7b

Ok I can start transfer as soon as you send the ISK

Thank you

Isk and mail sent

ISK and Mail received. I have started the character transfer.

Pls confirm when received


Character received, Thanks


Would that interest you?
Ice V
has 250k unused skill points currently.

No, Sorry.

I have Character Sheet and Character Sheet

looking to buy one myself

If you’re still in the market, this character is for sale.

still for sale? how much?

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