WTB Mining chars

Im looking for mining chars looking to spend 5Bil per a toon looking for 5 maybe pushing up to 10chars. Minimum 10mil sp and Mining Barge 5

Please link them below


Also has the ship skin Hulk Nocx Rush.
Just needs Exhumers injected and you can use some unallocated SP to instantly fly it.

Yup ill buy it let me know if you agree and ill send ISK and acc details over

I do, send ISK and account details.

Isk and Acc name in Description

ISK Received. Beginning transfer.

Well, I will begin transfer once I receive the account name to send it to. :wink:
Not seeing it in description.

Weird Ive sent you an eve mail with it in.

Just received the eve mail, beginning transfer now. :slight_smile:

wtf you accepted my offer on another thread. I sent isk and everything?

Bump Still looking for mining toons link them and ill tell you if I want them :slight_smile:

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