9mil SP Miner for sale

(Amon Amass) #1


I am offloading my mining characters starting with this toon.

Can fly a hulk

Some highlights:
Mining barge 5
Exhumers 4
Reprocessing 5
Most high sec ore refining 4


starting bid of 7b. will accept a good offer for B/O

Standard rules. I pay transfer

(CrimsonCrews11) #2

8b b/o

(Amon Amass) #3

Than you for the offer. Hoping to get a little bit more.

(CrimsonCrews11) #4

9b bo?

(Amon Amass) #5

I’ll take 9. send isk and account details to this character please.

(CrimsonCrews11) #6

Isk and Mail sent

(CrimsonCrews11) #7

No reply in 6

(Amon Amass) #8

isk sent back. error comes up during character transfer. Raised ticket with CCP but no response in over 24 hours. Will update once CCP resolves

(CrimsonCrews11) #9

Anything on this yet?

(Zoro D Roronoa) #10

did this sale complete? or is it still open