9mil SP Miner for sale


I am offloading my mining characters starting with this toon.

Can fly a hulk

Some highlights:
Mining barge 5
Exhumers 4
Reprocessing 5
Most high sec ore refining 4


starting bid of 7b. will accept a good offer for B/O

Standard rules. I pay transfer

8b b/o

Than you for the offer. Hoping to get a little bit more.

9b bo?

I’ll take 9. send isk and account details to this character please.

Isk and Mail sent

No reply in 6

isk sent back. error comes up during character transfer. Raised ticket with CCP but no response in over 24 hours. Will update once CCP resolves

Anything on this yet?

did this sale complete? or is it still open

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