Ice miner, exhumers 5, hulk 5mill sp - 4.5bill buyout

I am for sale

4.5 bill buyout
i am in an npc corporation
no killrights
remap plus 2 bonus remaps
based in high sec
will be using plex transfer





4,5B B/O if you dont use plex transfer.

Dont have time for six day’s petition transfers.

Isk’s ready.

sorry i should have mentioned this will be a plex transfer as i am in no hurry to sell.

4.5b B/O.
Confirm please.

4.6B B/O

confirmed send isk and account name via mail

in the interests of fairness i set buyout at 4.5bill, i do have another character with identical skill sets for sale though

IF the other buy dose not come through i can offer 4.5bil

Hey Heide,

can you confirm who you’ve accepted as buyer? I have the plex ready to go. Just need you to confirms it’s me you’ve accepted :slight_smile:


If you have another nearly miner, can you sell it to me?

ISK sent and mail with account name.

Thank you!

i will begin transfer as soon as i get home from work!


Can you please confirm you’ve started the character transfer process … I have received no notification of a transfer in progress?

Heide Shi, can you please confirm you have initiated the character transfer?

It has now been 3 days since I made payment for this character and still have not heard from the seller that the transfer is in progress.

I have logged a ticket with CCP support to get a refund and cancel this purchase.

Is it still on sale? 4.5B B/O