Sold, please delete

Update: Previous eveskillboard link wasn’t updated (don’t ask me why). Now it’s okay. It’s 8.3 not 7.5mil SP.

Selling a miner toon, 8.3mil SP. Focused on mining and processing.

  • Located in high-sec.
  • Positive ISK balance
  • No kill rights
  • Neutral security status

Buy out 8b

2.7bill and this offer is to high… isk ready

You joking right?

3.5 B offer

No thanks, it’s with more

i will offer 3.6 bil as you do not have hardly any support skills such as power grid management, only barge 4, few mining crystal skills. This toon needs work. Isk ready, eve mail or reply here.

No thank you

it isnt worth anymore than what i have offered

For whatever reason eveskillboard didn’t refresh it. Re-generated it. Check the link now

make me an offer then

I’m looking for 6B

its not worth 6 bil. if you go off of extractors its only around 2.4 bil. you have barge 4 and mining upgrades 4. You can buy hulk toons for less than 6 bil.

Just extracting skills would give me 5.6B so no, thanks. Good luck elsewhere. But Thanks for bumping.

you can extract 6 injectors at around 700 mil each. That would be 4.2 bil max and that isnt even factoring in cost of the extractors. if you subtract those it comes to around 2.4 bil. 3 11-12 mil sp hulk toons sold for 6 bil each today. At most this toon is work 3.5 to 4 bil. I have no idea how you think you can get 5.6 with extracting skills or its worth 6 bil.

Please confirm the sale with 0x6AA in this thread.

5b accepted

Isk ready.

Waiting for confirmation from 0x6AA in game or on this thread.


Proof of ownership of the character comes in the form of the character that is being sold making the sales thread in which people can bid for it.
Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Please post with the character being sold, additionally the character linked only has 8.2m SP not 8.3m SP

Sent in game

Confirmation from 0x6AA received in game.

Isk and account info sent in game to Brititos