WTS 20m SP perfect Hulk Miner w/capital skills - 19b B/O


20.500.000 SP
523.000 SP un-allocated
Specialized miner (HULK)
Cpapital skills injected
Positive SEC status
No kill rights
Perception/Willpower mapped
Positive Wallet
Location Jita 4-4
I will pay transfer fee

Starting bid 17B
Buyout 19B
Open for buyout offers


Thanks for your bid. It is, however, too low.

18.5 good for 20 minutes.

Back to the top. Make me a good B/O offer. Check out the CAP skills on this char!


Make me a B/O offer.

Added buyout. Wanna sell this toon ASAP.



I can do 19.5b.


Buy my char :octopus:

Added 19b B/O, gogogo.

Bump, still for sale.

Bump, wanna sell this char.

Online, ready for a deal. Give me a nice offer :blush:

Ready for a deal. Hit me up in game. This char will be extracted soon otherwise.

Char extracted…

Your extraction value is like 14.5b and you turned down a 18.5b offer ?

Did you know that after extraction, there’s a 6m SP toon remaining? Why do you think 18.5b was bid in the first place.

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