WTB a miner toon

Want a miner toon for Hulk
Budget: 10B


eveskill board isnt updating for some reason, but hes currently finishing barge 5, already has exhumers to 4…

This character had 60 Mill skill points that were extracted, so He also has plenty of skillbooks already purchased, including all jumpskills and Jumpfreighters and all racial caldari stuff…

sry, no need a trader toon. need the pilot focusing on mining.

budget raise up to 15B

How does this character seem to you?


I have serveral similar characters aswell. Something like 7.

sry, need the mining pilot. seems like urs r not fitable

Upon reflection I am recalling that this was a ice mining fleet I had. I think they are quite specilized. Sorry!

no worry

EveSkillboard - shefu Rin here u go this was my miner exhumers 5 with most crystals as well as gas and ice harvesting and good reprocessing skills to boot

thats what i need. Ill offer 10b for that. would u accept it?

I am for sale

the pilot dont have the moon ore skill. so 7b only. would u accept that?

no ty

so whats ur lowest?

12b at the very least

thats a little bit high. sry bro.

np man, if you won’t find anything more suitable pm me :slight_smile:

alright. ty

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