[WTB] Exhumer/Tier 2 Mining 10 Billion Budget

As the name suggests I’m looking for a mining/PI toon for my fourth account.

It MUST be able to:

  • fly exhumers.

  • Tier 2 ALL mining and mining drone skills.

  • High Engineering skills.

Bonus if it can but not required:

  • Fly Orca

  • Solid boost skills for mining

  • Basic/Avanced PI

My budget is 10 billion.

Hi, I have a few of exhumer pilots available. They can’t do T2 mining but can fit a decent hulk.

Also have a rorqual pilot that will be available in a couple weeks if that’s of any interest.








Thanks for the reply, unfortunately these characters don’t meet the standards I’m looking for. All the best on the sales of them though.

Check me here
pwd 1234

7 bil

Thanks for the reply Brut0, it’s not quite what I’m looking for at this minute but I’m sure you can get a decent offer for it. All the best on the sale.

Still looking for that perfect character, I know you’re out there.

My daily bump :slight_smile:

thanks! all the best for the search to you too! :slight_smile:

Oh Character, Oh Character where thy might be.

Bump bump bump back up we go.

Bump le bumpy bump to the top we go

Bump to the top, still needing to find the one.

@Brut0_L0c0 Seems the bazaar is a lot more difficult to get specific characters from back when I remember.

How much were you looking for your character?

now he is 14.6m SP (I have assigned 300.000 SP)
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Brut0_L0c0 pwd 1234

I am looking for 9.5b (he is still skilling up)

Let me know!

@Brut0_L0c0 would you be able to accept 9 Billion?

if we can meet in the middle (9.25b) I will accept it!

Just for info, the player has positive wallet and it is located in Jita

@Brut0_L0c0 Wonderful I accept your proposal.

Needs to be in a NPC Corp if it isn’t already.

Please let me know the character to send the funds too and I will mail the character also with the account to transfer too.

ISK to be sent to me, mail to me the account to transfer the character to!

It is in an NPC corp now.

It has also 2 jclones and a set of +3 implants (+4 for Memory)

going to sleep now. If you want we can make the exchange tomorrow at 8am eve time

Can send it in 2 mins was just creating a new account to put it on. Will send it now since it’s created.

2020.06.16 21:16 Player Donation -9,250,000,000 ISK [r] Scarlett Killer deposited cash into Brut0 L0c0’s account

@Brut0_L0c0 Transfer is completed and Mail sent on which account to transfer character. Transfer whenever you’re next on, sleeps important. :slight_smile: