WTB Mining Toon

Looking to buy a mining toon that can fly exhumers. Would prefer a toon that has all relevant hulk skills maxed for maximum yield, but willing to look at other toons with skills close to that.

Budget is flexible but I don’t need the character to do anything other than fly a hulk perfectly so skill points in other areas don’t help me a ton.


Exhumer 5
T2 Crystals for most moons/ores.
never been in a corp

Was planning on holding on for a few more months to really max our resource processing - but could let her go early for 9B.

Would you be willing to go to 8b?

I would do 8.5 lowest :slight_smile:

I can do that give me a couple hours I’ll want it on a fresh account so let me get that set up and ready for transfer

Easy done :slight_smile: I’ll keep an eye out for the Isk and account name emailed to this character and process it the moment I see it :slight_smile: thanks!

EVE mail sent and isk transferred

Thank you, I have sent the character to your account, you should get confirmation via email shortly and character in 10 hours.