[WTB] Exhumer pilots

Looking for exhumer pilots between 5 and 10 mil SP. Ideally can use T2 crystal for a multitude of ore type, preferably hisec ore. Decent name, no kill rights, positive isk balance.

Post your character link here.

Thank you


I’m considering selling my 7 hulk pilots, they can all fit a decent hulk but the majority of them can’t do crystals.

Here’s an one of them as an example:

Thx for your offer. They would be perfect if they had hisec ore type indeed. Are all 7 characters identical?


Most of them are very similar, although a couple have mercoxite mining trained and were in the process of training crystals before I stopped using them.

Here’s a full list of them. The last character also had interceptors and other bits trained which I guess could be extracted and used towards hisec ore training:








Thank you for the list. Can the last one be renamed (minmatar citizen xxx)?

I have a focused miner, orca, t2 strip miners/crystals (highsec) t2 mining drones, great fit. Also has 2 orcas and several mining ships. , all lvl 5 on most high sec reprocessing skills. Also Flys covert ops. I’d sell him and all his mining assets, 10milish sp. I csn post him later. Will not be cheap. If you likenwhat you hear do far let me know. Thanks

Per the character bazaar rules, you can only sell the character and not his belongings.

Do post his eveskill tho.


Yes I believe so. It had the name reset years ago and I never bothered to changed it. Believe you have to petition support for it to be changed though?

Also worth me mentioning that I’m happy selling a single pilot, don’t need to get rid of them all at once :slight_smile:

My bad, belongings are excluded. Thanks

Do you have an eveskill link?

I can after work, need a few more hrs

Still looking

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Still looking

@George_The_Lad are your pilots still for sale? I’m interested in 5mil extracted characters with only skills related to flying and using hulk.
Interceptors, gas, orca, mercoxit, etc don’t care extract get yourself some idk sell the shell. Just want to pilot, fit it as much as possible.

Aragnarok: he has his own sale thread. This one isnt it.

Bump… Still looking

Aww but we’re all one big happy forums family bumping each other’s threads for free! (;

As far as I know you can change a Name only if it is offensive according to CCP rules… and if they will allow you to change it will be something like Capsuleer and a bunch of numbers that follows… It you not let you pick the name you want.

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