[WTS] 2x Exhumer pilots (T2 crystals) around ~11.5m SP each


I am selling 2 of my Exhumer pilots. Both have pretty similar skills and 250-280k unallocated SP; see skillboard links for exacts.

Skillboards may not be updated yet but both chars have positive sec status, no kill rights, are located in high sec in NPC corps.


  • Each has a clone with +5 Intel/Memory implants
  • Exhumers 5
  • T2 crystals for Ark/Bist/Crot/Ochre/Gneiss/Spod/Merc
  • T2 crystals for all moon ores


DarkBlue Beck: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/DarkBlue_Beck

Green Beck: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Green_Beck


Starting bid: 10B each

Insta-Buyout: 13B each, may go a bit less if you buy both.

If I missed anything or stated anything incorrectly please let me know.
It is the busy season at work and I work 12 hour shifts so if I don’t respond quickly I’m probably working, but I’ll check back as often as I can.
Please let know if there are any questions.

You need to drop your corp (if you haven’t already). Please have Green reply in this thread, confirming he’s for sale.

Corps have already been dropped; couldn’t reply because post was waiting for review, will do so now.

I am for sale.

Daily bump, still for sale.

22B B/O for both

22B B/O accepted. Send isk and account name and I’ll get it started; I’ll have roughly an hour then won’t be able to be on for 24 hours, so if you can get it to me in that time I’ll start it, if not I’ll do it when I get home tomorrow.

I’m currently at work. So I have to wait to do this as well. I’ll be home in about 11 hours. I’m not in a huge hurry though. I’ll send the isk to each when I get home. Thank you.

Alright, sounds good. I get off work at about this same time tomorrow, so I’ll get 'er started when I get home.

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Isk and account info sent for each pilot.

Isk and account names received. Both transfers started, should be complete in ~10 hours per CCP rules.

Thanks and enjoy the characters!

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