WTB Exhumer Pilots

Show me what you have and we can go from there. I’m looking for multiple characters, so don’t be shy just because other people have posted first.

I would prefer the reprocessor to also fill the role of either Orca or Exhumer pilot.

Still looking.

I’ve got several exhumer 4 mining barge 5 chars around 6.5 mill sp, you interested?

Do they have drone skills (just 5x lights, nothing impressive), and T2 strips? If so I might be, have an eveboard link? (You can mail me in game if you want to keep them private).

I’m waiting on one of my character purchases to go through so I can extract the excess SP for more ISK, but could probably afford a few of them either later tonight or tomorrow.

Mining 5 astro geo 5 and ice harv 5 so yes, they can use t2 strips and t2 ice strips as well.

No light drones, but there is 1.9 million unspent skillpoints so I, or you, can basically add light drones 5 instantly if I, or you, wanted to. Total skillpoints when you add both allocated and unallocated go to 8.1 million sp.


I’m on my phone and it’s annoying to post more than one right now but basically have 2 more just like her. Used to do skillfarms with them so that’s why there are some other odd skills here and there.

I’d be intersted in grabbing all 3 of them, but curious how you want to transfer? I’m not really interested in PLEX transfers right now due to how long they’ve been taking lately. Are you willing to do credit card transfers, or did you want to due PLEX?

(If PLEX, I need to get my Orca pilot first, but once I get him I’ll check back with you if you still have them)

If card, how much you want for all 3?

I wanna confirm the other 2 alts to see if they are the same as the one above before I sell them to you, which means getting home. I’m at work atm so I’ll be home in like 5 hours or so.

I’m okay to do credit card transfer. 3 bill transfer plus 2.5 for the char so I’m okay with going 5.5 for each or an even 16bill for all 3. But let me confirm the other 2 and I’ll post the zkillboard link for other 2 as well and we can go from there.

Sorry not zkillboard link, I meant the skillboard link. Autocorrect on my phone.

Sounds like a plan

I’m still game if you are, ISK is ready whenever.

Ill do 17b for all 3

Sorry came home last night but forgot about this.



Please take a second to look at the characters and confirm that they have what you need before okaying. Thanks.

Looks good to me, I can go ahead and send isk if you are still ok with the previous mentioned price.

Mailed in game. Would be willing to bid for your pilots.

Just wanted to check the status on these, never got a response here or ingame so just wanted to see if I need to continue looking or not. Thanks :smiley:

Hey champ, you looking to sell these pilots or no… reached out to you ingame

I’d tell you to post in your own thread, but I’d do the same thing, lol :smiley:

For everyone else, I’m still looking :smiley:

Lol i did post my own thread. But you know how finding mining pilots are lol. If he sells em to me ill throw you a bill for the trouble

lol, no worries.

The market for them seems pretty try at the moment doesn’t it.

Everyonea going for that moon goo lol

I just came back from a 6 year break and went to set up a pos and had the corp laugh at me… RIP moon harvesters