SOLD Exhumer/Hulk Pilot

I’m looking to sell my Exhumer Pilots, all can use a decent Hulk fit with T1 strip miners. A couple of them can also do Mercoxite mining as well:


All characters have a positive wallet, positive sec status and no killrights. They will all be moved to Jita before sale and already have their clone location set there.

Open to offers. Happy to either sell single characters or as a group.

3.5B for George Ind

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Offer accepted :slight_smile:

Please transfer isk to the character and let me know the account you want it transferred to.

how much are you looking to get for the rest of the mining barge pilots?

4bil for Minmatar Citizen 9314…

Around 3-6B each depending on the character you’re interested in.

For example, Minmitar Citizen had a fair bit higher SP and can fly some other ships.

Thank you for the offer but will have to decline as I could get more extracting it myself.

4,5B for Minmatar Citizen 93147438

I’d accept 5B for that character?

Sure, can you make a post here from the character to confirm it’s for sale as per CCP rules?

Post confirming I own the character

Thanks, ISK and account info sent to George The Lad

Thank you. ISK recieved and character transfer initiated.

Transfer email received, thanks

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@Southpawd were you still interested in George Ind?

ISK and account info has been sent.

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Thank you, character transfer initiated.

3.25B for George The Rat

Accepted. I’m not at my pc for a while but can transfer it in ~4 hours if isk is sent before hand

Understood. 3.25B isk and mail with account info sent to George The Rat

Will respond for closure when character is received.