Selling 4 Exhumer Pilots


Selling my Exhumers pilots, selling them individually for the buyout prices of 5 bil each or pack of 4 for 17.5 bil. The Offer ends on the 21.07.2018 16:00 Eve Time.

They are all in Jita isk positive, 0 security status
Let’s play

They have to confirm they are for sale

Sorry this is my first sale ever, how do they do that ?

Log on to each of them and post in this thread saying i am for sale

Yes I am for sale

Yes I am for sale

Yes I am for sale

Yes I am for sale

i will do 12B for all

I will wait for a better offer at this point. 12B is too low IMO, but thank you regardless

Fair enough. If they all had aleast 4.5 mil sp. I would be more willing to do so but they only have 3.5 mil sp a piece

Caldarita for 4B isk Ready if u accept the Offer

Still on … awaiting offers

these characters would need ore skills trained to mine with the exhumers right?

Not in high sec they wouldn’t, null sec yeah they would need another 5 days training or so depending on what you wanna mine.

what skills are needed for a modulated strip miner II im looking for hulk pilot… but need to be able to mine NS ores EDIT: obv not in game cannot look … or wouldnt ask… i am interested if the train is close

Not sure tbh, as the characters are not Omega anymore I cannot check to see how long would the train take, not a miner on my mains accounts, but as far as I know to actually be able to use specific crystals for all the type of ores … now that will be a long train, but again, is just what I heard not sure about it myself. maybe someone that knows more about mining can answer that question. The accounts can use stip miners II, but not using cristals with those Strip Miners II …

All you need for modulated strip miner II is mining 5, witch all my accounts here have already trained to 5

As far as eve says, the char would need over 2 days to use Velspadar T2 Crystal, but then again about 26 days for Arkonor Crystal II … so it probably depends on what you wanna mine tbf

would be Spodumain , crokite, gneisse and im looking into the cost to inject now… let you know