Price check please (focused mining toon)

Mining toon subcap

Likely to sell if I receive an offer I like

Exhumers V
Gallente Industrial V
Ice Harvesting V
ABCs Processing IV
Moon Ores Processing IV
Reprocessing Efficiency V

Pass: 12345

Thanks for checking

6b mail me if interested

6.5b same as above

7 bil

Thanks for your offers so far.

7,5 bil

8.5 bil and we have a deal. Must be completed in the next 3 days because subscription is running out.

7.75 bil

Please make a separate thread about the Sale if you so desire, but remember to include all required information in accordance with the Character Bazaar rules.

8 bil isk ready

I’ll make a new thread for the sale as requested by ISD. This one can be closed.

Sorry no deal