Hulk Miner exhumers 5


i am for sale.

buyout 4.5bill

positive wallet.
home can be set
2 bonus remaps available

plex transfer.

4 billions

4.5 gets it

4.5 billion ,Sell it to me,OK?
The characters can be transferred, right?

yes on receipt of isk i will transfer

4.6. bil right now

sure transfer isk and i will start it

isk received awaiting account name (send via in game mail plz)

Hello, my ISK is not enough now. Can I wait for 10H? I need to go to my friend to borrow money!

account name sent ingame

received, plex loaded and support ticket sent, enjoy the character!

my account have already 1 ongoing character transfer…if will not work now please try again after ~10hrs :slight_smile:

I have received nothing from the gm yet so i will petition again if i get a bad reply.

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