I am for sale 14.9 Mill SP Mining Character


Located in HS, Dodixie.
Positive Status
Positive wallet

pay me the ISK
I will pay transfer fees

B/O - 12 Billion ISK

I will start, 8b

11b best offer if we can do this now.

Offer 11.5billion

@Theo_Sotken sold for 11.5 Bill to you.

send isk and details to me so I can initiate transfer

Happy flying :slight_smile:

I’ll be able to send Isk and details when I get home in about 1.5 hrs.

No worries :sunny:

Character is now sold to @Theo_Sotken pending payment.

Will mark as sold when exchange has completed.

Isk and account info sent

Character Transfer underway!

Enjoy! :sunny:

Confirming the transfer of the character is now complete and would like to thank seller. :smiley:

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