This character is now sold

WTS 9.8 M SP Miner + PI

Offering my mining char.
exhumers 5
all PI skills on 4, command center 5

Offers start at 7 B ISK


7 bill


8.5 billion if you can wait until friday.

make it 9 B and I wait until the end of the week.

9 b it is thank you

ok, just whisper or message me ingame at Zarasaar Jackson. I’m on with this char, when I’m online.

i can only buy one toon right now. i think you are also selling the other miner i would like to buy him.

so i am going to remove my bid off this toon

ok, that’s fine

8.5 bil

9 B and it is yours


ok sold! write me your account info with the isk amount

Details and isk sent.

I started the character transfer. Now it takes 10 hours. Please respond here, when you received the character, so we can close the topic. Best of luck and fly safe.

This sale is now complete and the character is transferred.

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