(SOLD) WTS Miner pilot 15M SP

(Zaxan Cordone) #1

Good skills in mining, and quite a few in PVE/drones. 15 million SP, in Jita with minimal assets.

Currently working towards Rorqual.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Bulldog_Bliskin Pass: 12345

I will pay for transfer.

(Johanna Silberglanz) #3

8.5 bil

(Johanna Silberglanz) #5

9.5 bil

(TxivYawg1) #6

good luck bidding on your own character… cya

(Raynor Aileron) #7

You have not posted that you actually own this character and verifying its for sale. Don’t have if you have kill rights posted, clones, etc.

(Zaxan Cordone) #8

I own this character. It is for sale. I will pay for the transfer. I have never sold a character before, so I’m not sure how do flag as selling. Here are the skills and other info:


Pass: 12345

(Jorunn Jaeger) #9

I offer 10b isk

Zaxan, you need to log in to EVE Forums with the character that is being sold and reply to this thread with “I am for sale” to verify he is your character.
You’re welcome.

(Icemelon) #10

11B offer

(Icemelon) #11

if you want to sell please tell me

(Bulldog Bliskin) #12

I am for sale = )

(Icemelon) #13

if you want to sell i give you isk now

(Bulldog Bliskin) #14

11 bill is fine. Send isk and account name to transfer to and I’ll start the transfer.

(Icemelon) #15

send to Zaxan Cordone?or other

(Bulldog Bliskin) #16

Zaxan is fine.

(Icemelon) #17

wait i thy

(Bulldog Bliskin) #18

I am in game on both toons.

(Icemelon) #19

ISK send

(Bulldog Bliskin) #20

Need account to transfer to please. Private message me with account.

(Icemelon) #21

see email

(Bulldog Bliskin) #22

Transfer started. Thanks.