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I am looking to sell my mining pilot to further enrich my main pilot. He is currently about 17 hours away from being able to fly the hulk again because the skills changed since I have flown him last and he needs to get mining frigate from 0-3.

4,75x,xxx SP pilot created 2009.9.21
Positive wallet and neutral 0.0 security status with no kill rights.
He is in an NPC corporation with only one prior player corp.
He is located in Pimebeka.
He has 3 bonus remaps available.
I will pay the transfer fee.
has 4 +3 implants excluding charisma.

I can sell him with a hulk already including around 100million in other assets or I can have all that removed.
If any additional information is needed let me know. I have never done this before.

Accepting offers

(Ark Fatalicus) #2

Bump, posting on pilot I am selling.

(Skir Melkan) #3

i’d do 2b

(Ben Shatner) #4

2.5b here

(Director 0f 1ntel) #5

2.7 isk ready.

(silver20) #6


(Ingee) #7

3 bil

(Director 0f 1ntel) #8

3.1 BIl

(Calthur Haydrix) #9

I will be accepting offers for a few more hours otherwise I will accept the latest offer of 3.1 bil.

(silver20) #10


(Calthur Haydrix) #11

As per the rules that I further read into, this sale will not include the hulk and any major assets that I thought was possible in the first post. These have since been sold off to be within stated rules of sale.

(Director 0f 1ntel) #12

3.4 bil

(silver20) #13


(Director 0f 1ntel) #14


(Calthur Haydrix) #15

I will give this about 30 more minutes before accepting the current highest bid of 3.5 billion by silver20.

(silver20) #16

Seeing @Director_0f_1ntel pulled out I’ll go back to my original offer of 3.2bn. Seeing he’s only made 4 posts all being on this thread I have reason to believe he may be here just to bump up the price. Can run longer should anyone else come along to offer.

(Calthur Haydrix) #17

That is fair. I will give this a few more minutes and if nothing happens I will accept your 3.2bn bid.

(Calthur Haydrix) #18

@silver20 you can go ahead and send a in game message to Ark Fatalicus so we can get this process started.

(Calthur Haydrix) #19

Isk has been received, transfer has been started.

(system) #20

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