Private Sale

Password was shared with the buyer.
Number of SP: 37.181.776
Price will be 42B
Located in highsec
Negative sec status (as shown on the skillboard)
Positive wallet

Transfer will be done via PLEX.

(Donald Aihaken) #2

offer accepted sending isk and account name

(Donald Aihaken) #3

isk and account name sent


Received ISK and account name, creating ticket for the PLEX transfer now.

(Donald Aihaken) #5

did ccp say when will they start the transfer?

(Ataru Tan) #6

Its usually from 3 to 5 days.

(Donald Aihaken) #7

hopefully they do it fast i cant wait

(Donald Aihaken) #8

Still waiting

(Donald Aihaken) #9

i need to do anything to recieve the character? or just keep waiting?

(system) #10

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