2004 Character, blank sheet for sale. End bid at 25/3


Accepting highest bidder.

Highest bid: 6.5B

Please check your in-game mail. Thank you.


you might want to redo your post, there are no more plex transfers,…
Oh, and its you that pays for it.

Oh… didn’t know they removed that feature. Ill just dubblecheck with GM support ^^

Bump. Still waiting for a reply from CCP.

your sale is in Violation of the ELUA and rules of sales. YOU must pay the transfer fee NOT the person buying it. also at the top of the page in Bazaar you can see thr GM post statong PLEX SALES ARE NO MORE you dont need to wait for a response all you have to do IS READ

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Here are the rules for the Character Bazaar. Please follow them. Thank you.

the charcter for sale doesnt match the toon that is linked on eve skills

Post does not comply with Character Bazaar rules. Posting char does not match linked character, other details for post are missing.