WTS 2004 low skill character

I am up for sale. Low SP (less than 1m) ideal for injecting to required use. Positive ISK and in npc Corp, only 1 prior player Corp and no kill rights. 3 bonus remaps available.

How much are you hoping to get?

More than the plex value of the transfer costs. To be honest, anything less than 5bn I will probably turn down. My 2003 char of similar sp and history went for many times that.

5B ou pay for the role transfer

6B offer

@Flaekja currently winning with 6b

What is the value in a character like this? Because apparently I have a few of these sub 1 mil characters from 2004-2007 that I just rediscovered. I’m just curious if I should look into selling them.


Ill send you account details and ISK in Game!

Transfer initiated

Thanks, got the transfer mail