WTB Low-sp 2000s or early 2010s female toon

1-4b price range.

Do not care about employment history, killboard, etc.


I have the following character that I’d be willing to sell:


Factoring in I would have to pay the transfer fee and to make it worthwhile, I would be asking for a minimum of 4 Billion ISK.

Also, are you looking for just the one character at the moment?


4B thanks


I accept your offer.

Please send the ISK along with your username to Dehee.


yo wtf

He hasn’t sent anything yet, so she’s still available.

assuming he doesn’t give the isk in the next hour, i will send you 4.5b

Fair enough, but I will consider this sale a first come, first serve, so if he did send the money after you sent yours, I’d refund him and sell you the character.

If you wish to go ahead, please send the ISK and username to “Dehee” and I will proceed with the transfer for you.


isk and mail has been sent.

ISK and account username received - thank you.

The character transfer has been initiated and she should be with you in 10 hours.

Please let me know once you have received her.

Many thanks!

Still buying? I’ve got two I could part with…

i can take a look at them but no promises.

character recieved.

Thank you for confirming.

Fly safe o7

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