[SOLD CLOSED] WTS 2009 - Low SP - Single name

Just posting to see if I can get anything for her as people seem to like toons based on the age.


400k unused SP.
No killrights.
No Jump clones
Postive Wallet
Located at Jita

2 Remaps

That is it, I guess.

I like the name, 4B? to start things off.



5 any chance?

5.1b offer

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5.5b offer

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One last bump than closing the auction.

deal? i can pay isk now :smiley:

6bil B/O?

5.5b is my offer for 24 hours :smiley: ,because i had just check this character’s employment records are too messy

ok accepted. though :stuck_out_tongue: she has years in one corp not sure how that is messy.

which character should i send isk?

Always have to send isk and details ingame to the OP toon.

isk already send to PleasureGirl
my account id is shangshuai3

Thanks for all the fish!

have a nice day!