WTB old clean character (no skills injected, trained, no corp history) preferably renamable, male

Renamable = Faction Citizen #########

For the right character I will pay up to 8-10 bil.

Check your old unused trial characters, guys & girls.

I have 2 for sale

How old are you wanting? 2011 old enough?

2011 is fine. It all depends on the skills, name, corp history and other stuff.

Link eveboard and if I like it, I will offer ISK for it.

I don’t like the name (I am very picky). Otherwise it’s great though. Someone else might want it.

Thanks for showing it.

Hi there!

I have 2 toons that might interest you:



Let me know what you think of them.


Bump. Looking specifically characters with 55 000 sp only.


I’m less than 2k sp over… but shitty name, just never know lol

Yeah, not feeling the name, but otherwise just what I am looking for. Next.

Bump. I’ve read the mails and replies, still looking for the perfect one.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Cyrror if you are interested, let me know

Thanks for the replies. Bump


Post if your interested


Meet me halfway at 9b and you have a deal.


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