WTS 2010 character including rename

As the title says I am selling the 2010 character below which is completely untouched, includes a rename and resculpting:


Bidding starts at 10b

8 bil (thats my max offer for this character)

Meet halfway at 9bil and call it a deal?

Mail sent.

No ASSETS other than SKINs and Implants in the active Clone and any Jump Clones the character may have, may be included in the pricing of character!

Hello ISD,

this is in no way meant to be offensive. I just want to point out that you might quoted the wrong rule, or?

I guess the Seller wants the Buyer to send the ISK to a different Character so that he does not have to log into the Character being sold, thus the Buyer can use the Resculp (since the Character has no Portrait yet).

In this way he is not selling the ingame Item used for Resculpts.

So it would be a better Option to remind him that the ISK have to be send to the Character being sold and that he has to log into the Account to remove the ISK from the Wallet (therefore he has to give the Character a portrait afaik).

Kind Regards

I’m referring to this

Renaming a character is just not possible, and Resculpting “Service” may not be included in the pricing of Character. The reason for the Character Name being: Amarr Citizen < number >, is that at some point it where Reported as having an Offensive Name and CCP deemed it necessary to change it.

You are indeed correct, the payment ISKs MUST be send to the character being sold, it’s the sellers job to make sure that only enough ISK remain in the characters wallet to be positive, before the Transfer is initiated.

@Kiora_Matu You must also confirm with the character being sold, in this thread that it’s for sale

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I’m going to Close this thread until further notice, awaiting confirmation from the Character being sold. Once that has happened I’ll reopen it.