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2010 Character with 32.8m SP of which 152k are unallocated.
Positive Wallet and Sec Status
Sitting in HS station in NPC corp.

Angel Cartel Standings: -0.32
Guristas Standings: -0.3
Not much works needs to be done if you want to join either Pirate FW.

Sitting in a +4 clone (+3 charisma)
Annual Remap is available, no bonus.

28 Billion

25b :slight_smile:

Nice offer but looking for more.

how much ?

27b is as low as I will go.

ok ill give you 27 bill

Perfect. Send over ISK and account info and I will start it up.

what isit do i need to send isk then what else

1st time doing this

Send the ISK to Tem Frey.
Send an email to Tem Frey with what account I should transfer him to.
Don’t post the account name here for security reasons.
Once I initial the transfer, he will show up on your account in about 10 hours.

isk account info sent

Transfer has been started. Enjoy!


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