WTB Old toon

I am looking for old toon. No skills needed. Older than 2010. Male.

Greetings Kate,

I’m interested in selling this one, just pulled him out of the corp last night. He is older and male but with the skills I was planning on asking 28B as a buyout. But, skills are easier to get than age so maybe he might be of interest.

You will see from the skills board he is small to mid-ship PVP focused, and has a jump clone in both high and null sec.

If you are interested, I’ll give you all the usual details and I’ll hold out for a few hours before I post him for sale.



Good evening! Thank you for your reply, but unfortunatly I was looking to buy toon without sp, my budget is too low for your toon.
It is a great one so I think you would be able to sell it pretty fast!

i got one for Sale his Name is sartu no History

more info?

Born 2007.12.07 (3892 Days) in an NPC Corp

sec Status -0.1

nothing stressy



Sorry, not interested :frowning: good one but don’t like appearance and it can’t be changed with body resculptor :confused:

you could get him cheap because otherwise i have to delet him to free a slot


also possible

Unfortunatly both bad for me. It is sad that you are going to delete them there are few other guys on a forum who wants to buy old toons they might look into it

2010 included or not? is corp history a no go?

Depends. If it is cryingblood toon - nope. If not - show me please eveskillboard


its a 2010 toon, but whatever, like it, hate it… just tossing it up here.

Why is everybody minmatar? XD nope, sorry



Old toon with a clean slate :slight_smile:

I also have this available

Cerresi good one but female and useless sp for me, I can offer only 3.5b

You’re giving mixed signals here. You’re asking for a toon without SP, then subsequently you state that the SP is useless and thus that it’s no match for you.

Perhaps it’ll be easier for everyone if you include more details of what you are looking for.

Sorry, but I was clear as much as possible, I see no problem with my point in a first message.

I am looking for #male #old #nosp toon. Things that value for me - name and it should be non-black toon. THe person above made a propose with his female toon and i explained why I willing to pay that amount of money and will not give more. And everybody can come to me with any amount of sp I will take a look. I have more money than 5b but I can buy clear character and just inject myself what i need.
When you are looking for a couch in a shop you just come there and like “please, show me what do you have here”.
Like, your toon I don’t want to bid due to name, sorry