WTB older toon with a GOOD name

im looking to buy an older toon with a good name to turn into my new main.

skills are not that important but no higher than 50 mil sp (got to stay in budget)

i guess im just looking for the clever people who did well at naming their toons, not the lazy ones who just named their toon by what was on their desks :pen: :paperclip: or by mashing their keyboard (ghrrdy raxdkb)

Not sure what constitutes a good name for you, but here’s some older accounts I still have. Sadly I’ve already sold most of the useful or really old ones at this point. These are all clean and low sp with a little bit of free sp, but have 2-3 bonus remaps and some have legacy attribute points.






I do like this name she is old but and unused CrannyFadok Pava


2007 char currently very specialized in caldari frig/cruiser

i understand, whats a good name for one may not be for another, i was just looking for the clever or funny names

need a few more please

Howdy Sailor!


No skills, but been in the same corp for 11 years. Surely worth something.

still looking for good named toons

me? 15-05-2005

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kigori (Password 619)

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/yavandir -clean history i never used this char
Meybe u interesteed.

hmmm, i guess… bump!


do i have a good enough name for you?

Grand Turbo

Not that old, but great name imho. 10m sp


How bout pick your own name born in 2007?

i do like the fact i can choose a new name, i just wish the toon was a bit older.
let me run this for a bit more and if i keep getting junk offers i will reach out to you,
thank you Amarr_Citizen_294753471