WTB 03-04 low SP Char

Looking for a low SP character in the 03-04 range. Prefer older. Looking to get one with an interesting name. Shoot me a message with what you got. Thanks!

That’s an interesting request lol here is one for you


Looking for a little older, thanks for the interest though!

How old are we talking?

Ideally 03. Probably would take an 04 but the older the better, would be motivated by a name I like. it’s finicky i know, but I’ll know it when i see it.

Well now im curious as to why lol it will be hard to find a toon that old let alone a low sp one that old…what are your intentions?

Me? 2005 toon, nice name

Nothing crazy, just lookin to pick up a toon that has some history attached to it.

hmmmm, name is a bit on the aggressive side for what I’m looking for.

OP wants a character that can claim to have been in the game for a long time. Assume for purposes of gaining trust or passively avoiding attacks from older players or something.

Sounds bad, I assure you that isn’t the reason. I merely had a 03 character when the game started, and I, well I got into the game again much later and would just like the bit of history and sentimental value associated with a character of that age.

You’re in the marketplace nobody cares about your motivations. We’ll just discuss them now and again but it’s unlikely to effect your business deal :middleparrot:

It’s true, Thanks for the comment


Thanks for the suggestion, looking for something a little less provacative




Message sent in game

From my char.