WTB 2003 char low sp

Hey guys I’m new to eve and I’d love to own a piece of eve history. Looking to make it my main and skill inject.

The character will be loved and used daily! Show me what you have and for what price - look forward to making some memories!


if youre interested 2004 character

Absolutely! What price are you looking for sir?

Enough to make it worth my while D=

I’m new so not terribly rich but if you have a number in mind then it will help me to agree or counter offer :innocent:

I would pay 3 bil ?

That doesn’t even cover the plex cost to transfer the character.

If you decide on a figure Raynor happy to discuss :innocent: Still looking folks just post here with the eveboard link and price

Heading to sleep so will reply to anyone in the morning (8 hours time!)

Would 4.5b be acceptable?

I have two 2004 characters I would sell.


Phelan, I think I bought your other guy, prob can buy these 2 as well, mail me in game plz.

6b is the range of what I am thinking for the character

I can do 6b if OP doesn’t want it.

It’s too much for me unfortunately! Still looking if anyone can post their eveboard and price

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