WTB 2003 - 2006 char low sp minmatar or ammar

(rickius) #1

Anyone selling a old dusty char they dont need from those years.
Not looking for caldari or galente. I been playing 10 years with those races :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance

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(rickius) #3

Still Looking

(Phelan Ruhk) #4


(rickius) #6

Whats the price?

(Phelan Ruhk) #7

5 bil?

(rickius) #8

Sure u got a deal

(Pukto) #9

Posting here that I am for sale and can receive the isk

(rickius) #10

Logging on. Will sent eve mail

(rickius) #11

Isk and account info sent

(Phelan Ruhk) #12

Isk received and transfer initiated

(rickius) #13

Char Transfer mail confirmed

(Pukto) #14

Char received. Topic can be closed

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