WTB 2003 char with low sp

WTB born 2003 char with low sp.
I will pay well, link me what you have please.

Still looking for 2003 toon. Years 2004, 2005 too.
Please make me an offer!

I have a 206+ Million SP 2003 char. What are you paying? I could strip it then sell it to you. If the isk is right.

How about a 2007 toon with cyno ability

December 2005, 7m sp, clean corp history, nice name, original 2005 issued noobship (assembled).

No, thank you!

Still looking for 2003 toon!

You already got @Rozenthal , Are you hoarding 2003 characters?
If you have May, 2003 character want to sell, please make quote to me.

i pm u ingame 2004 virgin ton can be renamed by CCP if u want

alredy sold sory

Here is me: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jac_Devlin


Born 2003.05.12 - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/plato - Pm me if interested - Ill send pw

@Blathmac_Dal_Fiatach back at ya

I can extract if need be - get him into Jita etc…

Replying here for confirmation in regards to our emails. I’ll be preparing this character over the next few days for sale. Thanks.

Still looking for 2003 (maybe younger) low SP toon (extracted hero etc. is not problem)!

Have a toon from 10/2004, 500k sp, 0.0 sec status, is own Corp, mail me if interested.

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