WTB 2003/2004 Male Characters w/ any amount of SP


(Fray Havoc) #1

I want to buy a male character born in 2003 or 2004.
I don’t care about the corp history.
I prefer Gallente, not buying Amarr.
I don’t care about SP. I’m interested in characters with over 100m SP and characters with 1m SP or less.
I do care about the name of the character. I’ve purchased 2 characters so far since posting this, so I am getting more picky about names. The name must be awesome.

I’m willing to pay a little bit more than what a character is worth on eve-appraiser because of the age. The closer you are to my preferences the more I’m willing to pay

(R4V3N) #3

2003 toon.
No Corp History.
14.6 mil SP.
Great name.


Let me know if you’re interested and we can discuss price. Thanks.

(Fray Havoc) #4

@R4V3N I’m interested. What do you think a fair price is?

(Fray Havoc) #5

Still interested in other characters as well.

(Panther X) #6

Birthdate 07-21-2003

(Fray Havoc) #7

@Panther_X I appreciate you posting your character. I am not interested in him though =)
Good luck with your sale my friend.

(Fray Havoc) #8

Still interested in purchasing characters that meet my criteria above. The closer you are to my preferences, the more I may be willing to pay.

(Fray Havoc) #9

11 bil isk for @R4V3N?

(R4V3N) #10

Accepted. Please send isk and account name to R4V3N.

(Fray Havoc) #11

Email and isk sent.

(R4V3N) #12

ISK received and transfer underway. Thank you!

(Ripped Soul) #13

Let me know what you think please. thanks! (probably too young, but either way. thjanks!)

(Fray Havoc) #14

Yeah, sorry mate, interesting character that’s for sure, but not old enough for what I want to purchase. Thanks for posting though :slight_smile:

(Fray Havoc) #15

@R4V3N I read your last email. I still have not received an official email from CCP regarding the transfer though. Is there another character I can contact you at just in case? If CCP doesn’t contact me today then I will file a ticket, and I would like to talk to you before I do that as a courtesy. The transfer is only supposed to take 10 hours so anything after that and I will get a little suspicious. Thanks!

(R4V3N) #16

No email has come through because CCP hasn’t processed the transfer yet. I also haven’t received an email.

GM Kaora was the one to respond to my ticket about paying via PLEX instead of USD and she said that she would be the one to process that. I replied back to her with all the info she needs for the character transfer. Like you, I hope this happens quickly.

Also keep in mind that scamming via the Character Bazaar is very illegal and CCP punishes those that do severely.

With that said, I will contact you in-game with the name of an alt if that helps. Thanks

(Fray Havoc) #17

Excellent! Thanks mate! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, I apologize if I offended you with my last post. You seem like an excellent chap. I wouldn’t have been reporting you as a scammer, I would have just been reporting to CCP that they’re keeping me in the dark about what’s going on.

(Fray Havoc) #18

Hey, still nothing dude. It’s been 13 hours since I paid you so I’m filing a ticket FYI.

(Fray Havoc) #19

I now have R4V3N for my own! I am like 22% cooler now, respect it.

Still looking for 2003/2004 male characters with dope names.

(Cali Badger) #20

How about me then? 80M SP Sub capital
Let me know what you think.

(Fray Havoc) #21

Hey Cali Badger, thank you for posting. Your character is too old for what I want to pay for though. Thanks!